Is Angels Landing a lottery?

The narrows

Although it is true that this is not a route suitable for everyone, as explained in this website, because of its duration, its hardness or its high degree of danger, the Angels Landing is a very attractive and beautiful route.

The determining factor for people who give up is vertigo. Obviously walking along a cliff at that height and with the void on both sides is not easy, but if you suffer from vertigo it will be very difficult.

The Trail has a length of 3.9 kilometers. The time to complete it is, of course, personal because it depends on your fitness, but the Park speaks of about 4 hours, as you can see on their website.

Attention. All those who want to do this route from April 1 to May 31 have open the lottery until January 20 I think results on 25. You will have another chance the day before you want to do the tour from 0 am to 15’00 pm then 16’00 pm will be whether you have won or not. Remember q you have three turns before 9 am from 9 am to 12 am and 12 am onwards. Good luck!!!

Arches national park

These are trails that adrenaline junkies can’t resist and are located in some of the most spectacular settings in the world. Making a list of the most dangerous is almost impossible, but these are five that would surely fit into any ranking:

Over the Cliffs of Moher, in the Burren region of Ireland, runs another of the riskiest routes on the planet. Unlike others, however, it is the curiosity that makes it more dangerous, since the area can be traversed without too much risk if we do it with caution. The cliffs rise up to 214 meters above the Atlantic Ocean at their highest point and extend for eight kilometers.

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The cliffs are the great tourist attraction of the area, for the spectacular panoramic view they offer of their walls over the ocean. The Visitor Center recommends not to leave the safety zones, because of the risk involved in approaching the edge of the cliff. One of the greatest dangers when walking this route is the wind, which can play a trick on the most curious.

Bryce canyon

We decided to dedicate two months to this stage of our odyssey through the United States of America, leaving from the Big Apple and the east coast, to reach the other side of the country, in San Diego, and then travel through the interior of the western coastal states to end our adventure in Vancouver, Canada.

We have our favorites: beautiful Chicago, the arid Badlands of South Dakota and Big Horn Canyon in Montana. The magnificent dirt and red rock national parks of Utah and the immense Grand Canyon. The imposing walls of Yosemite and the impossible blue of Crater Lake. And much, much more…

In New York City we found accommodation in Bill’s house, an American guy with Italian ancestors and a certain command of Spanish, who very kindly offered us his house and his hospitality through the Couchsurfing page.

We left New York by train, and as there is nothing high speed in the USA, we opted for an Amtrak night train, so we spent the night in the comfortable seats of The Pennsylvanian, until we arrived in Pittsburgh. Another convoy then took us from there to Chicago.

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Zion national park tickets

We arrived late at night, I don’t remember if it was 11 or 12, to sleep at the Pioneer Lodge Zion National Park in the town of Springdale, the closest town to the park. All expectations were set for the next day, Friday, although we knew that the weather forecast was not very good, as it was predicting rain.

A little disappointed not to have seen Zion in conditions, we drove to Kanab, also in Utah, where we were going to spend that night and the next. On the way, Diego, who is always very forward-thinking when it comes to organizing trips and leaves wildcard days in case of bad weather, decided that we would play with Sunday to get back to Zion. On Saturday, we were going to do the lottery to visit The Wave. If we were lucky, the pass would have to be used on Sunday but if not, we could go back to Zion since Kanab is only 40 minutes from Zion Park and it was a very good weather day.

We decided to continue and finish what we had started. A few moments after starting to climb, you have to hold on to the chains. There are people coming from the front because they are descending, but with communication and respect everything works out. As I say, people are very respectful, there is no hurry and everyone waits, moves so that some go down, others go up, talk, ask if there is anyone else … etc.. The trail is narrow but wide enough to give you a little leeway.

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