How do I email a state delegate?

Correos Customer Service

On November 25th, the definitive list of those admitted to the Correos job vacancies will be published again. Remember that they were published on September 15th but on September 21st it was cancelled, as we informed you, due to a series of irregularities in the reception of documentation, and now, after gathering the necessary information, they have just published the definitive results. Follow the steps below to check your position on the list.

Candidates who do not obtain a position: As you know, each of the modalities available in the Correos job vacancies have their limits in terms of number of positions and are ordered by score, so if you have not been among the first ones, you will probably receive this warning: this means that you are not in the vacancies and there is no possible claim. However, you may be called for temporary contracts at a given moment due to various needs.

Excluded participants: The applicant will be able to review why his/her application has not been admitted for processing (probably because he/she does not meet one or more of the requirements to be included in the Job Bank). Remember that the deadline for claims is already closed so you can do nothing about it.

How to talk to a postal agent?

How to chat with an agent at the Post Office? – The Correos telephone number is 900 400 004. … – The department of attention to the user of Correos, counts on a telephone that is 902 197 197 in order that we could contact with its agents and solve any doubt that we have.

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How to complain to Correos Express?

For the resolution of incidents, claims and indemnities related to the provision of the contracted Services, you should contact Correos Express through the following communication channels: Telephone: 913 277 020. Web:

Where to get the Post Office application number?

The best options to get the number back are: Search in the SMS of your cell phone. By searching for related words such as Correos or Bolsa you will be able to locate the SMS from Correos where they confirmed your registration and there you will find the application identifier. Search your email.

Where can I report a public servant

This is a preliminary version of the Segob Citizen Contact System (SCCS), that is to say, some of the functionalities as well as the terms and conditions of its use may undergo changes and adaptations.

The Ministry of Government of the State of Veracruz, is responsible for the processing of personal data that you provide us with, the personal data we collect from you will be used for the following purposes:

It is reported that they will not make transfers that require your consent, except those that are necessary to meet information requirements of a competent authority, duly founded and motivated.

Note: Through this form you may send the Ethics Committee a question, concern and/or request for guidance regarding non-compliance with the Code of Conduct, which will be treated with absolute confidentiality.

Promote and strengthen the rule of law as a way to allow Veracruz citizens to live in harmony, making it an inclusive, plural, informed, open and open institution with a strong democratic culture.

How to submit a complaint form to Correos Correos?

Through the customer service area, you must access “Register your incident/complaint” and on the next screen choose between these two options, in our case, it would be “Register your complaint”.

What should I do if I don’t receive my package from Correos?

You can call the Correos customer service number (91-660-24-54) or write an email to ADT Postales ([email protected]). The problem, according to most of those affected, is that in many cases the procedures take a long time and in general it is very difficult to obtain an answer or a solution.

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How to receive a package at a post office?

You will only have to bring your ID card to the post office that we indicate and we will deliver your shipment. In case you cannot pick it up personally, you will have to fill out an authorization form indicating who you want to pick up the shipment on your behalf.

Post office claim status

It is true that it may not help us to recover a lost shipment, but Correos will open an investigation process to find out what has happened (something that can take from a few days to months). In those cases, we will have to take our claim to the Consumer Office, so making the claim beforehand at Correos is necessary to continue with the process.

So, even if you think that making your complaints and claims at Correos may not help much, don’t stop making them, maybe they will even help to improve the service if enough people complain about the same thing.

As mentioned above, delays may be due to specific times when there is a higher volume of shipments, but they can also occur during periods when this is not a problem. Normally, they are just an inconvenience, but if the delay goes on for a long time, it can be a nuisance for the user, especially if what he expects to receive is urgent (sometimes there is documentation needed for paperwork that is sent by post).

Where can I see the list of admitted candidates Correos 2021?

To do this, you will need to enter the Correos corporate website, then on the top right hand side access the “Public Announcements” section under People and Talent. When you are inside you will be able to see the uploaded files related to the Employment Exchange.

When do the 2021 mailing lists come out?

The list of those admitted to the Correos 2021 employment exchange is published today, Thursday, June 17.

When is the list of the 2021 mailing list released?

Correos 2021 Employment Exchange. As of November 25, the employment exchanges constituted for the call of February 8, 2021 are published. The consultation must be made in the Correos website in the section of people and talent.

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Post claims

Originally from the state of Sonora, she has excelled in her professional career as head of the General Directorate of Civil Protection of the Federal Ministry of the Interior; she is a member of the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) team, and a member of the Board of ARISE Mx, a United Nations initiative for the private sector in disaster risk reduction.

In the academic field, Ms. Gómez Nava was a coordinator and professor at a private university in the state of Mexico. She taught tax law, tax and government auditing, as well as cost and finance seminars.

She has a degree in Business Administration. She has worked as Commercial Director of La Vista Country Club Golf and Residential Club, as well as in the company Promotores Inmobiliarios, member of the Board of Directors of Privilege Magazine and Advisor of NAFINSA (Nacional Financiera).

Salomón Vibaldo stands out as an entrepreneurial woman, since under her leadership the company SyA Promotores was created, where she has actively participated since its inception in the conceptualization, planning, construction and development of the company.

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