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This ethnic group, composed of immigrants linked to the peoples of the sea (perhaps of Aegean origin, although it is not certain) settled in the territory known as Canaan during the transition between the Bronze and Iron Ages; approximately in the 12th century B.C.[29] [30]They formed a confederation of five cities (Philistine Pentapolis) between Joppa and Gaza, adopted Canaanite customs and became the dominant power in the region during the 10th century B.C., replacing the Egyptian hegemony in the region. 31] Thanks to their use of iron, they dominated the inland populations, the Hebrew tribes, with whom they fought bloody battles. This enmity was reflected in the Bible and transformed the term Philistine into a pejorative designation.

“the word “Palestine” comes from the Latin Palestina (the name of a Roman province), and this from the Greek “Palaistine” (Herodotus), and this from the Hebrew P’lesheth (meaning Philistia, land of the Philistines).”[32]

“From Old French (early 14th century) “Philistin”, and this from Late Latin “Philistinus”, and this in turn from Late Greek “Philistinoi” (plural), which in turn derives from Hebrew “P’lishtim”, which translates as “people of P’lesheth” (Philistia). It can be compared to the Akkadian “Palastu” or the Egyptian “Palusata”. The word probably alludes to the name that the people themselves gave to themselves.”[33] The word probably alludes to the name that the people themselves gave to themselves.”[33

What is needed to travel to Palestine?

How to travel to Palestine

In Palestine, there is no international airport, so the only way to enter is by land from Israel. The Palestinian border is controlled by Israeli authorities. Read more: Crossing from Israel to Jordan by land.

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What is the god of the Palestinians?

The main religions of the Palestinian people are Islam, followed by about 93% of the population mostly in its Sunni variety, Christianity followed by about 6% of the Palestinians, mainly Catholic and Orthodox churches although there are also Protestant Palestinians, as well as some …

What race are the Palestinians?

The Palestinian people (Arabic الشعب الفلسطينيّ, aš-šaʔb al-filasṭīniyy), usually called Palestinians or Palestinian Arabs, are a Semitic people of the Mediterranean Levant with family origins in the historical region of Palestine and constituting one of the indigenous populations of the entire territories of the …

Palestine does not exist

Israel took this measure six weeks ago, as it does not consider them as a “humanitarian good”. In addition, the Israeli Defense Minister conditioned the reconstruction of the coastal enclave and announced that it will not be “economically rehabilitated”.

The draconian measure is in addition to the blockade of the entry and exit of the Post Office service and only approves the entry of goods classified by Israel as humanitarian, including food and medicine, therefore the renewal of passports, which have to be sent to the Civil Registry offices in Ramallah, is not considered a “humanitarian good”.

The fact that thousands of people are unable to receive their passports from Ramallah or from consulates for renewal or visa applications, forced residents to cancel or postpone urgent trips abroad, via Egypt, for medical, study or work purposes.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz conditioned the reconstruction of Gaza, stating that if Hamas does not return the bodies of Israeli soldiers allegedly “held captive” by the Palestinian resistance since 2014, it will not be “economically rehabilitated.”

How do I get my green passport?

To obtain the covid-19 health passport, individuals must present or complete an affidavit, in addition to undergoing a temperature control and answering the health authority’s questions.

What does it take to go to Jerusalem?

The only requirement for Mexicans to enter Israel is a valid passport with a blank page to be stamped upon arrival. Passports must be valid for 6 months after the day of arrival in Israel.

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What is needed to travel to Egypt?

The only documentation you need to process your visa on arrival in Egypt or visa on arrival is a passport with a minimum validity of 6 months upon arrival in Egypt.

South African passport

A passport, valid for at least six months from the date of departure from Israel, is required. Otherwise, the Israeli authorities, who are responsible for immigration and customs, may refuse entry.

A visa is not required for tourist stays of less than three months (90 days). Upon entry, the Israeli immigration authorities give the visitor a blue voucher which should be kept for the duration of the stay.

For stays of more than 90 days or for employment purposes, in case of presentation at an Israeli border post without the required visa, the Israeli immigration authorities have the power to deport the traveler back to his country of origin.

What’s good in Palestine?

Other places to visit near the Old City (these were my favorite places, there are more!). … The Omar Mosque is the only one in the city and the Old Bethlehem Museum is a good place to buy the beautifully embroidered, traditional Palestinian clothing.

How safe is it to travel to Palestine?

The volatile security situation in Jerusalem and the rest of the Occupied Palestinian Territories makes it advisable to exercise extreme caution in any travel. Travel to Gaza is strongly discouraged except in case of extreme necessity.

What is there to know about Israel?

Israel has a large number of archaeological sites. 2,000 of them are located in Jerusalem. Tel Aviv, often referred to as “the city that never sleeps,” was the first modern Jewish city to be built in Israel, and the country’s economic and cultural life revolves around it.

Palestine map

Whether you are interested in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, biblical and Christian sites, or are simply a backpacker looking for adventure, Palestine is a country adaptable to any type of traveler.

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Arabic is the official language. A large part of the Palestinian population has received higher education and many of them speak perfect English. Cab drivers or people in the service sector speak very basic English.

Normally, you have two options: coaches, which are usually cheaper, although slower and less frequent; or serveece, which are yellow mini vans, a bit more expensive but go much faster.

The Palestinian ones are cheaper but only have 2G, so if you want good internet, you must buy an Israeli one, which you can only get in Israel or in the border towns, like Kalandia, next to Ramallah.

For decades now, everything you have been hearing and seeing in the news regarding the war with Israel, happened in the Gaza strip, which is nothing less than a hermetic and isolated territory.

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