When buying new tires How old should they be?

Expiration date of hankook tires

In an indirect measuring system, pressure monitoring is carried out with the help of the vehicle’s ABS sensors. The ABS control unit detects the loss of tire pressure due to a change in rolling circumference. A tire with low air pressure needs to make more turns than one with correct air pressure. However, these systems do not work as accurately as direct measuring systems and, in addition, they need the pressure loss to reach approx. 30% before they can give a warning.     The advantage is their relatively low price, as they can use many of the vehicle’s own components. Only the ABS software and an additional indicator on the dashboard need to be adjusted.

Before changing wheels or tires, it is necessary to consider whether the vehicle has an RDKS. This can be determined, for example, by the presence of a colored valve, a colored valve cover, a symbol on the instrument panel or an additional unit for the indicator (in systems that have been retrofitted). When taking delivery of the vehicle, it is advisable to ask the customer whether the vehicle is equipped with an RDKS and to point out some special features.

How to know the age of the tires?

The age of your tire is printed on its sidewall. Look for the “DOT” marking. The last four numbers identify the date your tire was manufactured. The first two of these four numbers indicate the week of the year in which they were manufactured (week “01” through “53”).

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How do you know when to change tires?

Tires must be changed every 5 years or 45,000 km.

In addition to the influence of rolling, the compounds degrade, so it is also necessary to keep an eye on tires that have been stationary for a long time, even if they are not mounted on any vehicle.

What to consider when buying tires?

What to know before buying new tires

Aspects such as grip, tread, rolling resistance and wear should be given due consideration as they will have a significant impact on handling and performance, especially in wet or winter conditions.

Date of tire manufacture

By regulation, we are required to drive with a minimum center groove depth of 1.6 millimeters. Traditionally, we assess the health of a tire based on its tread, a mistake that almost everyone makes and which is not accurate. It is just one consideration among many.

41% of garages fit and buy used tires for their customers. 29% refuse even if the customer brings them in, while 71% would only fit them if the customer brings them in. On average, 73% of tires sold are new, but in some shops these percentages drop to 10-20%.

I understand that, if money is tight, the amounts being asked for some tire models are unaffordable. I also understand that it is possible to sell used tires with a minimum warranty if and only if it has been verified that the internal structure is OK and they have been checked by a professional.

How many km to change tires?

As a general rule, tires have a useful life of 40,000/50,000 km if they are of good quality. Worse quality tires usually have a service life of about 10,000 km.

Which is better Pirelli or Good Year?

The best tire brands

The final conclusion of their comparisons establishes that Continental, Pirelli and Dunlop are the three tire brands that offer the best quality. They are followed by Goodyear, Nokian, Vredestein and Bridgestone tires.

What is the best tire brand 2021?

Michelin and Continental: by excellence (and a lot of marketing) they are the best tire brands in Mexico (according to PROFECO) and stand out for their durability.

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How long an unused tire lasts

➡ The tread depth should be greater than 1.6 mm. The tires are provided with an indicator that indicates this, although with wet ground this minimum may not be sufficient since it would not evacuate the water completely.

Thus, for example, at 120 km/h they wear more than at 90 km/h; if the pressure is low, the casing will deteriorate, there will be a greater heating and also, as there will be a greater rolling resistance, fuel consumption will increase. If the tire pressure is higher than the correct one, there is a high risk of cuts or punctures, and it will also lose adherence.

In addition, if we change only two tires, we must put the new ones on the rear axle, whatever the type of traction our vehicle has. Why? Very simple. Experts advise this for several reasons among them because controlling the rear axle with a flat or blown tire is much more difficult than controlling the front axle where we can help us with the steering.

How good are Goodyear tires?

There is a second group of brands that are located in the middle zone of reliable quality, which are Pirelli, Hankook and Firestone. … In confidence Goodyear and Michelin lead with an average of 8.9, however in price the score is lower and the maximum is for Michelin with 8.3.

How are tires classified and what are their characteristics?

The road tire (80/20) has a soft casing for greater driving comfort and a tread pattern designed for proper water evacuation. Secondly, there is the mixed tire (50/50), which has characteristics of both road and off-road tires.

What does AAA mean on rubber?

(AAA) indicates the tire width in millimeters. (PP) is what is called profile, although it is a ratio between the width and height of the tire. It is a percentage and measures the percentage of height to width.

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Tire expiration argentina

First of all, be careful with the offers. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t take advantage of them, but you have to be sure to choose tires that are approved for your car in terms of dimensions and characteristics. Besides, now you have a tool, the new identification label, which can guide you at least when comparing one tire with another. Here we tell you how to interpret the label to choose the right tires for your car.  That said, and regardless of the brand of tire you finally choose, you have to take into account several factors not only to avoid problems with the ITV, but also to drive safely and not to condition the functioning of the vehicle’s suspension.  The first thing to do is to review the technical inspection card, which lists the tires approved for your car. If there is only one and there are no alternatives, or if you want to use different sizes from all the options listed in the technical data sheet, you can use another combination of width and profile as long as the final development does not vary by a maximum of 3 percent, and the speed code and load index are equal to or higher than those of the tires approved for your car.

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