What is a good depth for a desk?

School desk measurements

With teleworking they have become essential. The table has to be very functional, and the chair, comfortable and that adapts to the body to avoid back pain. Here is a good selection!

Leroy Merlin A FLEXO TO HAVE MORE LIGHT FROM LEROY MERLINSIf you do not have enough natural or artificial light in your home work studio, a good option is to get a flexo, like this Inspire model from Leroy Merlin. PRICE: 9,99 €.

La Redoute ONE-PIECE CHAIRS FROM LA REDOUTIf you’re more concerned about how the chair will look in your home telecommuting space, a good option is the Jimi model from La Redoute. A Scandinavian style that looks perfect in most homes. PRICE: 177.98 € (before 239 €).

Amazon AN EASY TO ASSEMBLE DESK FROM AMAZONAnother slightly larger desk option is the Sbrico model sold on Amazon that consists of 3 drawers, located on the right. Measures: 110 x 73 x 56 cm. PRICE: 75,95 €.

El Corte Inglés A CHAIR TO WORK HOURS FROM EL CORTE INGLÉSSIf what you are looking for is an ergonomic chair, the Tyler model from El Corte Inglés meets the standards that allow its professional use recommended for intensive use for more than 8 hours. PRICE: 149 €.Buy


Desk measurements in inches

The first thing to keep in mind is that this space is influenced by several things, the chair is as important as the desk, and it is the combination of these two that will make us really comfortable.

The perfect study chair should be adjustable both in height and inclination, since there is no perfect posture, the important thing is to be able to change it every time, so pay close attention to this point, otherwise the rest of what you do will be exactly the same, you will end up hurting some part of the body.

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If we do not have to have at the same time a keyboard, a screen, 2 books and 2 pages, this would be enough, but we are talking about a study table, so the greater the width the better for the student who is using it, as always here we talk about minimums, but if this table has walls on both sides, it would need to be more than 80cm wide, unless we want the user to have claustrophobia and start screaming LIBERTAAAD as soon as he sits down to study a little.


The house starts with the foundations, so we must create a good space to install our computer. We will spend many hours sitting in front of our computer, either playing or working. Therefore, it is necessary to be comfortable to enjoy what we do. So we help you by bringing you the best computer desks. Let’s get started!

First, you must measure the space where your table will go. All tables are measured by width, length and height. As a tip, do not buy a table that fits the space 100%, leaving no free space at all, as the mobility will be quite poor, as well as a future expansion.

Think that a computer table is a space for work or leisure, so we have to be comfortably suited to it. The PC case or power strip should be placed close to the desk, so it is better to have too much than too little.

We must take into account the posture we are going to adopt. We are not interested in having a table lower or higher than the chair because we will not be able to write in a natural way, nor be comfortable working or playing. Therefore, we recommend buying the chair and the table together, which does not prevent you from having a chair that fits a table that you are going to buy.

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Ergonomic desk height

By using recycled polyester in the fabric of this product, we reduce the consumption of new raw materials and our environmental impact, while giving the materials a second life.

See moreAn adjustable-height desk that takes care of your backIf you sit well, you work better. Create an ergonomic workspace with a sit/stand desk that allows you to change positions frequently. The key is to move around and sit down from time to time.View all standing desks View all standing desks View all standing desks View all standing desks View all standing desks View all standing desks View all standing desks View all standing desks View all standing desks Discover our Table Bar

Depending on your height and the type of desk chair you use, you can determine the height that is most comfortable for you. Some general guidelines for a good desk height are:

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