What do you do at a babymoon?

Babymoon meaning

Take a good look at what activities you would like to do during your trip because some are not recommended for pregnant women, such as rock climbing or scuba diving. There are many other activities you can do such as getting massages, walking, shopping, eating… Be careful with food, especially raw food that may contain parasites. Drink only bottled water and fruit preferably only very thick skinned fruit.

Many travel agencies and hotels are already taking advantage of this trend and there are specific babymoon vacation packages for all budgets and tastes. Contact your usual agency to see what options they have.


This island is perfect for couples preparing for the several sleepless nights that are about to arrive and looking to capture the best memories, its colorful landscapes will captivate more than one couple.

There is no babymoon without romance and Villa de Leyva is the ideal place par excellence to spend romantic moments with the couple. This colonial city located in the department of Boyacá is known for being the scenery of majestic landscapes and thanks to its proximity to the capital allows the trip to be not so heavy for future moms.

There is no doubt that becoming a big brother is an important matter, both for the parents who must explain what is happening to the children and for the first-born who are used to being the center of attention of the family.

Thinking about everyone’s fun, Villavicencio is the ideal destination if what you are looking for is to show the eldest that he will not cease to be important. With thousands of pools to choose from and water parks to enjoy, this place will undoubtedly be the best option to welcome the role of big brother.

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Babymoon store

WHEN CAN WE TAKE THIS TRIP? The first thing to take into account is the approval of your doctor that you are 100% well, both mother and baby, to be able to take a trip. Ideally or recommended is to do it in the second trimester, since normally in the first is always where there is more risk and in which we mommies feel a little bad for the ailments and other changes that we are having. So the ideal time is between week 12 and week 28, although that does not mean that it cannot be done a little later. You can do it up to 30 or 32 weeks, depending on the airline, since there is a maximum of gestational weeks to be able to travel without any restriction, or also with a medical opinion that indicates that we have no problems to do so.

Babymoon peru

Pregnancy is a very special time, not only in a woman’s life, but also in a couple’s relationship. You experience many emotions and surprises together, while waiting for nine months for the arrival of your baby, which naturally, will completely change the whole dynamic at home.

The term “babymoon” is nothing more than a play on words of the famous “honeymoon”, the honeymoon taken by newlyweds after their wedding celebration. Therefore, a babymoon is a honeymoon taken by the couple before the baby arrives.

Although this is usually done in the first pregnancy, which is when the change in the couple is most felt by the arrival of a baby, it can also be done in subsequent pregnancies. The idea is that you both have a chance to spend time together, before all the big changes that are coming.

But above all, we recommend it because traveling is always something that leaves memories and new experiences, so what better than to remember this important stage of both with a trip as a couple, where you can be totally relaxed.

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