How often should you do vision therapy?

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Our eyes can be healthy, and we can even see 100% Visual Acuity, but the system does not work well, it is NOT EFFECTIVE for different reasons. An accommodative problem, a coordination problem between both eyes, a lazy eye, a strabismus, a perceptual problem to process the information from the environment, etc. These problems are not solved simply by wearing glasses. Or at least, not with the use of glasses that many people are familiar with.

Technically, BEHAVIORAL VISUAL THERAPY is a specialty of Optometry, and in turn of BEHAVIORAL OPTOMETRY.  Through visual therapy, by means of different regulated and proven procedures, of different levels of difficulty and frequency, new connections or new neuronal schemes are established. This allows the patient to better receive, process and understand the visual information he/she constantly receives from the environment. With this appropriate stimulation, their visual capacity and the coordination of all other sensory systems related to vision in day-to-day activities improves.

How much does vision therapy cost?

The price and duration of a therapy consultation can vary. Regarding the time we talk about between 45 and 60 minutes and its value between 25 and 60 euros per session. It is advisable the total valuation of the therapy with a closed price and the deferred payment of the same, although it is possible to pay per session.

What are the basic principles of vision therapy?

Visual therapy is a program of personalized visual exercises, where a neurophysiological stimulation is performed, allowing us to develop, improve and integrate visual abilities. This series of specific activities are designed to correct vision problems.

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How to improve eyesight with exercises?

With your eyes open, look up and down, right and left and circle back and forth. Then repeat 3 more times with your eyes closed. Close and open your eyes. Open and close your eyes tightly for 3-5 seconds and repeat the exercise 7 times.

Adult Vision Therapy

Some of the poor performance in learning to read and write is due to poor development of visual skills. When these skills are worked on, visual performance improves making learning easier and reading and comprehension levels easier.

As you can see many of these problems are detected at school, so it is important that counselors are aware of the work you do because their recommendation to parents can be definitive. There is an informative work to be done. The communication of your new professional service through direct advertising or communication to your clients is also a powerful recruitment tool.

Teamwork with counselors, speech therapists, physiotherapists, ophthalmologists or psychologists is highly recommended since it may be the case that their intervention is necessary in parallel to ours and because the workflow is always enriching. It also reinforces our role as health professionals and improves the overall perception of our services.

Why is vision therapy important?

Vision therapy can improve the school performance of some children with learning difficulties. Poor spelling, slow reading speed or comprehension and difficulty in copying or memorizing texts may hide problems of visual perception and efficiency.

How to perform vision therapy?

Vision therapy is based on visual exercises aimed at solving dysfunctions in the visual process, i.e. optimizing visual skills such as divergence, convergence, abilities to stimulate or relax focus, improve eye movement and even improve visual perception.

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What is eye therapy called?

Vision therapy, vision training or vision rehabilitation is a totally individualized optometric treatment aimed at enhancing and correcting visual system problems: focusing, visual axis coordination, lazy eye, strabismus or vision-related learning problems.

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Some of the typical indications are slow reading, occasional double vision, instability in focusing (poorly sustained accommodation), blurred vision in near vision in non-presbyopes, concentration difficulties, visual discomfort in VDT users, etc.

There are typical symptoms of a visual problem that should alert us. If you have any of them, you should visit our Center specialized in vision therapy in Barcelona so that our optometrists can assess the specific case and establish the most appropriate treatment.

What is good for blurred vision?

Close your eyes without getting up from your seat for one minute. Another option is, standing up, place your index finger in front of your face and slowly move it closer and further away, while keeping your eyes fixed. Then do the same moving from right to left, as if it were a pendulum. You can only move your eyes, not your head.

What is vision rehabilitation?

Vision rehabilitation consists of learning new ways of looking using special glasses, magnifying glasses, sunglasses and many other visual aids to get the most out of your vision.

What is behavioral vision therapy?

Behavioral optometry is concerned with the functional study of the visual system, the development of vision, and the in-depth analysis of perception and learning, with the aim of developing the appropriate visual skills for the system to work effectively.

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Visual therapy exercises pdf

Thanks to the visual training we can achieve that certain alterations of the vision are corrected. Thus, visual performance is increased and the risk of suffering from certain pathologies is eliminated.

Similarly, vision is not simply the ability to see, but rather the result of a person’s ability to understand and interpret the visual information that reaches the brain from the eyes. Good vision is, therefore, more than just optimal visual acuity,

In this regard, while most visual conditions can be effectively treated with glasses or contact lenses, some problems affecting our visual system require other treatment options, including vision therapy or vision training.

Vision training, or vision therapy, is a personalized program of activities that, under the supervision of an optician-optometrist, aims to correct certain problems or improve visual skills.

Nowadays there are many ways to perform vision training. One of them, undoubtedly one of the most demanded, are electronic devices to improve eye fusion and eye coordination.

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