How much does it cost to clean a koi pond?

How to make an inexpensive pond for life – Part 1

good afternoon, excuse me, we have a pond at the foot of the altar of a virgin in my colony, obviously this exposed to the sun and the weather, we have a pump for water, which serves as a water fall, that is the water has constant circulation, we have several fish, the problem I have is q water turns green, so I saw is because of the sun, you can guide me to do? we want to have the fish and the pond in good condition, greetings and thank you very much.

What kind of fauna and flora do you want to put in your pond? the question is for you to calculate the depth according to the amount of fish, this in order to have a balance of nitrates (waste) of your fish, with respect to the absorption that can give you an aquatic plant.

If the instructions tell you that the maximum depth is 45 cm, then leave 10 cm less or 35 cm deep. This is to extend the life time, because little by little it will get dirty and work harder.

How to disinfect a fish pond?

It is sufficient to remove thirty percent of the water and replace it with clean water. This is because fish become accustomed to the pond or aquarium environment and if it is drastically changed they can become ill.

How to maintain a koi pond?

Fill the pond with water and install a filtration system.

If the water is not fresh or spring water, use a charcoal filter to remove chlorine. Remember that chlorinated water is toxic to fish such as koi. Another aspect to consider is both the pH and temperature of the pond.

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How to wash the pond?

It is necessary to drain most of the water and leave at least 20 centimeters from the bottom of the tank, which will be used to clean, brush and wash the walls, the bottom and the lid; chlorine can be added to the tank to clean it better.


When doing the interior cleaning, it is preferable to put the fish in another container while cleaning. This is especially necessary if the tank is not very large and you have little room to move the cleaning accessories.

Be careful when removing mold and algae that form in the tank, especially in the corners. It is not always necessary to remove them completely, but it is necessary to remove the excess. This can be done with a special sponge but remember never to use chemicals of any kind so as not to contaminate the water.

Next, remove all the debris and other elements that may be in the water and sweep the bottom of the pond. This step is done with a net similar to a kitchen strainer. It should be done slowly and without stirring the water too much, as this can cause us to only stir the soil and stones at the bottom.

It is very common that we have a pond in the garden of our house and that makes that weeds, pieces of leaves, etc. fall, we will have to remove all these elements so that the water does not become bad, in addition it will be advisable that we make circuits that move the water so that it does not stagnate.

How big does a koi carp grow?

A mature adult Koi can reach up to 80cm in length, in some cases there have been specimens of 100cm but these are isolated cases. There is a growth equation for koi, it is called “Ludwing von Bertalanffy growth equation”.

How to heat the water in a fish pond?

To increase the temperature of the water the procedure is the construction of plates or water heaters just as solar salt is produced, once the maximum temperature is reached, the water is added to the pond.

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What dimensions does a fish pond have to have?

The depth is usually a maximum of 80 cm, which in harsh winters is not sufficient for overwintering fish.

Green Water in the Pond – Treatment and Disposal

Before carrying out this activity, it is necessary to close the water stopcock that leads to the pipes, as well as the tank, so that the tank is isolated and thus prevent the liquid from reaching all faucets, sinks, showers, and thus avoid problems inside the home.

It is necessary to drain most of the water and leave at least 20 centimeters from the bottom of the tank, which will be used to clean, brush and wash the walls, the bottom and the lid; chlorine can be mixed to it to clean in a better way.

Then all the retained water is emptied and the bottom is rinsed several times with water from the street pipes. Once the water has been removed, the tank can be filled up to 50 percent with water and chlorine is added (approximately 1 liter for every ml liters) and then the stopcock is turned on so that water reaches the tank.

What is a water pond?

A pond is a closed, non-flowing reservoir of water of a size that can be used for the controlled culture of fish. Fish produced in ponds are a source of protein and can provide profit for farmers.

How to keep fountain water clean?

– Cleaning

Wash the inside of the fountain with a non-abrasive cloth or sponge and detergent. Use a calcium lime scale remover if hard water deposits have built up on the inside of the fountain. Thoroughly clean the interior and rinse with a hose to remove any lime or soap residue.

What can you put in a pond of water to keep it from turning green?

The most efficient technique to combat “green water” is UV-C radiation (short-wave ultraviolet, length 254nm). A UV-C radiation power equivalent to 3W per 1,000 liters of water is appropriate for ponds with strong solar incidence.

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How to remove algae from the pond

One of the best ways to clean a koi fish pond is by using filter systems and pumps, these are what will keep your pond clean, they are very important not only for that but also for the different jobs to be done. be highly beneficial for you and your fish, so it is very important to have them installed.

Filters simply remove dirt from the water, there are two types of filters. First, the mechanical filter which is what removes solids, this includes things like insects, dead algae, solid debris and anything else solid that may fall into the pond. The next type is the biological filter which does the job of removing the liquid part, so it will include things like liquid debris which is important to remove.

The pumps, on the other hand, will help keep the water moving, by being able to push the water around you, you are creating more oxygen for the pond and you are also moving around the debris, which makes it easier for the filters to clean out all the toxic debris.

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