How long does skydive last?

Tandem jump price

All persons 95 kg and over are subject to Tandem Master evaluation at the drop zone. Persons 95 kg to 104.9 kg will incur a $50 weight surcharge, 105 kg to 114.9 kg a $75 weight surcharge and 115 kg + a $100 weight surcharge. The minimum weight is 30 kg / 66 lbs and all passengers must be large enough to fit safely in the harness.

Our aircraft can carry up to 9 clients at the same time so it is possible that you may travel on the same plane as your friends. This depends on many factors and we will do our best to keep the groups together.

Our meeting point is the Skydive Centre in downtown Queenstown. From there we will transfer you to and from the drop zone where you will skydive. This is included in the price.

Skydiving is a very weather dependent activity so sometimes we will not be able to jump. We will do our best to reschedule your jump for the next available trip that is convenient for you. For this reason, we recommend that you book your jump for the first available time of your vacation and save a day’s reservation just in case. If the trip cannot be rescheduled, we will refund your money in full.

How long does freefall skydiving last?

How long does skydiving last? Approximately 40 seconds of free fall and 5-7 minutes under the parachute.

How dangerous is parachuting?

Skydiving is a high-adrenaline hobby and the British Parachute Association describes the risk succinctly: “There is no such thing as a totally safe skydive”. And one in every 100,000 jumps by fully trained skydivers ends in a fatality.

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How many jumps does a parachute last?

To jump solo, you must finish the theoretical training and pass the 7 levels of the AFF skydiving course. How long does the skydiving course last? Generally and in normal conditions between 3-4 days of jumps, depending on your availability.

Skydiving price

Below are the most frequently asked questions regarding our training program at Skydive Spaceland. You can call 1-800-SKYDIVE (or 281-369-3337) or contact us via email if you have more questions, we’ll be happy to assist you!

The first transition class is $60. Subsequent STP levels 1-16 are $150 each, level 17 (lowest altitude) is $95 and then the 18th graduation jump is free. Buy your STP jumps now

Yes! You can buy it all in one package at “Get Your Skydiving License in One Week” (includes everything we mentioned above plus five additional jumps on your own, so you can get your American Skydiving Association A License which requires 25 jumps) for $2400 saving you $400. Additionally we offer you free stay at our facilities while you take the course.

At Skydive Spaceland we only offer tandem jumps for your first and second skydive, where you will be connected to a certified instructor at all times. Live the experience of jumping knowing that you have an expert guide during the whole process (plus you save more time than jumping alone, since you require an instructional class of approximately 4.5 hours before jumping). For tandem jumps you will learn the basics during a 30-minute class and then you will be ready to live the best experience.

What does it feel like to parachute?

Skydiving is windy, adrenaline-pumping and intense. By the time the parachute opens, your brain is still getting used to the sensation of freefall. It’s all over before it’s ready to be over and it’s hard to remember exactly what just happened.

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How is the concept of free fall immersed in the parachute?

When the free-falling parachutist opens the parachute, he sharply reduces his speed until he reaches a constant limit velocity vl, which is obtained when the weight is equal to the friction force, i.e. when the acceleration is zero.

What is the weight limit for parachuting?

To practice skydiving you can consult the Federación Argentina de Paracaidismo (FAP), where the authorized schools are listed. The minimum age for tandem jumping is 16 years old with parental consent, good physical condition and a maximum weight of 95 kilos.

How long does a parachute jump last?

Tandem jumpers will go through a crash course on skydiving and what to expect during the jump.  First Jump Course and IAD students will review a lot of information during their class.  We encourage you to take notes during class and be an active participant.  Some of the training topics you will learn are:-Freefall procedures -Walking gear training -Emergency procedures training -Aircraft safety and much more.

Yes, you will receive a logbook documenting your first jump and training. This logbook will be signed by a USPA certified AFF instructor, FAE OR Autonomous Community Instructor This logbook will allow your next instructor to understand your progress and level of training!

Dress for the weather!  If it’s hot outside, shorts and a comfortable t-shirt is one of the best ways to jump.If it’s a little chilly, feel free to put on some extra clothes.  Your clothing does not affect your skydive unless it somehow gets in the way of your or your instructor’s equipment, gear or mobility.

What is the maximum weight for parachute jumping?

– Maximum weight: 90 Kgs.

How long does the parachute jump last?

Tandem jumps

The jump is made at 4,000 meters high with a one minute free fall at 200 km/h. The parachute opens and we have a flight of 3 to 4 minutes UNDER CANOPY (with the parachute open) to go to the landing zone.

What is free-fall acceleration called?

The acceleration to which a body in free fall is subjected is so important in physics that it is given the special name of acceleration of gravity and is represented by the letter g.

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Parachute Jumping

Skydiving is windy, adrenaline-pumping and intense. By the time the parachute opens, your brain is still getting used to the sensation of freefall. It’s all over before you’re ready to finish and it’s hard to remember exactly what just happened.

You have to wear comfortable clothes and athletic shoes. Then you board the plane and ascend for 20 minutes until you reach 3,000 meters, the height of the jump. You jump together with an instructor, with no other responsibility than to enjoy the jump, being in free fall for 35 seconds.

Among the best places to practice diving are the coasts of the Pájaros and Venados islands, for their calm and crystalline waters, Isla de la Piedra, El Faro and Las Piedras Blancas.

According to NCHS data, the probability of expiring while bungee jumping is 1 in half a million, of perishing while skydiving 1 in 101,083, of drowning while scuba diving 1 in 34,400, of succumbing while canoeing 1 in 10,000 and of dying while paragliding 1 in 560.

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