Do they have bridal showers in France?


However, there are some who say that the celebration has an older origin. In Germany, celebrations were organized to increase the dowry of future spouses. It seems that a German man, without many resources, was prevented from marrying the woman he loved and as they were both denied any dowry, his friends got together to give the couple everything they needed through a big party.

It is a tradition of the Jewish religion, although today it is shared with other cultures and religions.    In this tradition and in the past, the bride was not the bride but the mother of the groom. Nowadays it is the cousins or friends of the bride’s mother who organize the celebration.

In China, the bachelor party follows a curious tradition called Hunnao, which consists of expelling evil spirits that could contaminate the life of the new couple. To drive away the bad spirits, they play practical jokes, usually on the bride.

Some traditions are being lost to give way to new forms of celebration, either by the influence of social media or as a result of globalization. What is certain is that it is still a special moment to share with friends.

What is the traditional bachelor party like?

Bachelor parties are traditionally held between members of the same sex, and are organized separately for the groom (by his friends) and the bride (by her friends), although nowadays mixed parties have become fashionable.

What are hen parties in Scotland like?

Some things never change at farewells

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In the towns and cities of beautiful Scotland, there is a very daring game played by women. It consists of going from bar to bar with friends, where the bride accepts drinks from the men in the place in exchange for a kiss.

When is the bachelorette party?

When should the bachelorette party take place?

It is customary to organize the bachelorette party 1 or 2 days before the wedding. However, since brides need to look regal and radiant on their big day, it is best to schedule it no later than a week before their “I do”.

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Today there are many modifications of the bachelor parties, they are still very intimate for friends and family but now you can also do it together, that is to say, a bachelor party where both protagonists participate.

In addition to this, also the ways of celebrating have been changing, now spicy shows are hired to entertain the participants of the party or you can opt for other models of bachelor party:

As we can see innovation is also present in bachelor parties, because before it was intended to allow the future husband to do everything he could no longer do when married.

Definitely yes, three is a crowd and what can we say, the more people are deciding about the bachelor party, the more difficult and stressful it becomes for the organization. Therefore, ideally, you should find someone to help you and divide the tasks.

You should not admit too many replies, yes, we all know someone who did this or that and it was great and at a cousin’s wedding they had a great time for less money etc, etc. But each farewell is a world even if they coincide in the same place with twenty others.

What is the character of the Scots like?

The Scots are a lively people and are very proud of their culture, deeply rooted in nature and their Celtic heritage. When we think of Scotland, the images that usually come to mind are mostly of pipers in tartan, rugged, misty mountains, and inhabitants with a mischievous charm.

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How are weddings in Scotland?

Marriage is legal in Scotland at 16 without parental consent; in England and Wales it remains at 18. And, although 15 days’ notice is required to marry in Scotland today, it is not necessary to reside there, so English couples can still get married on short notice.

What is the greeting like in Scotland?

Don’t greet with kisses on the cheek! The Scots greet each other by shaking hands. Kissing is reserved for very close friendships or close family.


A few days ago after a great research work, among a large number of collaborators, we told you about bachelor parties in other cultures and countries. Today we will bring you the second part with more information and many more curiosities about what activities are performed. Now it will be the turn of Belgium, Argentina and Scotland.  Stag parties in other cultures and countries. Part II.

The citizens of Belgium share not only their language with the country of the Effiel Tower, but they also have similar customs when it comes to planning and carrying out a bachelor party. In our previous post we told you that in France there was a custom called “Enterrement de vie de garçon/jeune fille” something like burial of the boy or girl, just like in Belgium. This is the name given to the bachelor/bachelorette party since the step of saying yes at the altar is considered a “burial” for the bride or groom.

In the towns and cities of beautiful Scotland, there is a very daring game played by women.    It consists of going from bar to bar with friends, where the bride accepts drinks from the men in the place in exchange for a kiss. The bride can kiss several men on her bachelor party night, it all depends on how drunk she wants to get.

What is the most important thing about Scotland?

Edinburgh, the Scottish capital

The Scottish capital, located on the banks of the Firth of Forth near the North Sea, has half a million inhabitants. But with its narrow streets and parks scattered all over the map, it rarely conveys the feeling of a big city.

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Where is the best place to live in Scotland?

The best cities are Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

How do they celebrate the New Year in Scotland?

December 30 – Torchlight Parade

Join the march and let the party begin! In Scotland, the New Year’s Eve revelry begins when thousands of people with torches join the Vikings of Up Helly Aa, with bagpipes and drums.


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