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You can contact the European Commission about any measure (legislative, regulatory or administrative), failure to act or practice of a European Union country which you consider to be contrary to European Union law.

If you consider that your request has not been properly dealt with by the European Commission, you can contact the European Ombudsman (Articles 24 and 228 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union).

More information on how the Commission manages its relations with complainants: Communication on the management of relations with the complainant in relation to the application of Union law.

If you want to submit a complaint by e-mail or by post, you should fill in the standard form, available in all official EU languages. Follow the instructions on the form.

The form will help you to draft your complaint and ensure that all important information is included. For ease of processing, please complete the form on screen or by hand in legible handwriting.

What is the function of the claims book?

– What is the COMPLAINT BOOK? It is a register where the consumer can record his complaint or claim about the purchased good or contracted service. Suppliers are required to have a COMPLAINTS BOOK, either physical (book with sheets) or virtual (through a computer).

How long does it take for Consumo to resolve a complaint?

Yes, when a complaint or claim has been filed against a company, establishment or center, they are obliged to provide a response or reply within 10 working days, by means of a reasoned written statement.

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What happens after I file a claim form?

But then, what about the complaint forms? These sheets have to be taken to the Consumer Office and there, the complaint will be analyzed. The company can respond to it and then the Office will come to a conclusion that has to be notified to both parties.

Consumer Claim

The Agency offers you specific models to facilitate the exercise of your rights before the person in charge of the treatment. If you want to obtain more information or resolve any doubts about your rights, you can contact our Citizen Attention Service, telephone 900 293 183, as well as make your query through the Agency’s electronic headquarters.

If you have evidence or indications of a breach or infringement of data protection regulations affecting the processing of your personal data, you can file a complaint with the Agency by providing such documents. The processing is more agile in cases where more evidence or indications are provided along with the complaint.

If there is a dispute about the debt, we can help you if you have filed a claim before a competent body that issues binding decisions (SESIAD, Consumer Arbitration Board, Courts of Justice). In this case, you must prove that the responsible entity is aware of the filing of the claim.

When is an economic-administrative claim filed?

The economic-administrative claim shall be filed within one month (non-extendable) from the day following the date of notification of the challenged act or, in the case of administrative silence, from the day following the date on which the effects are produced.

When is the Claim Book used?

In the event of a complaint or claim about a product that has been purchased or the provision of a service by a company, the consumer can request to write in the Complaints Book, so that his request can be attended to.

What are the characteristics of a Claim Book?

Characteristics of a Claim Book:

Each physical Complaint Sheet must have at least three carbonless sheets. The first one must be given to the consumer, at the moment of leaving his complaint or claim; the second one stays with you and the third one must be forwarded to Indecopi when requested.

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Aepd denounces

The remaining claims are related to IBI, IAE and ICIO taxes. The percentage of finalized claims amounts to 357, i.e., the Board has already resolved more than 67% of those filed.

By procedure, most of them, 361, are abbreviated, i.e., they are related to amounts lower than 6,000 euros and 163 ordinary, claims for an amount higher than 6,000 euros (there are 11 other procedures that are not distributed by amount).

The data that are part of the 2021 Report of the Board are strongly marked by the Constitutional Court Ruling that, last October, annulled the method of calculating the fees of the Municipal Capital Gains Tax, and that, in all probability, will also affect the claims of taxpayers in 2022.

And the fact is that, of the total of the 213 claims estimated by the Board during 2021, 198 referred directly to the Constitutional Ruling on Plusvalía, that is, 93% of them.

What happens with a consumer complaint?

What does Consumo do with them? Once the complaint is received and registered in a Consumer Agency (City Council, Autonomous Community), it will verify that it is the competent agency to process it. Failing this, it will transfer it to the competent body, informing the user of this.

What to do if you do not receive a reply to a complaint?

If you do not receive an answer or you are not satisfied with the answer, you can complain to the Administration. If the 10 working days elapse without a response from the company, or if the response you are offered is unsatisfactory, then you may submit a copy to the Administration.

How to know the status of a consumer complaint?

Follow-up of the claim or arbitration

Calling to the telephone numbers (*) of the Consumer Service Office: 91 310 59 03/ 91 310 58 39. From Monday to Friday (not holidays) from 9:00 to 14:00.

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Aepd guides

The economic-administrative claim is an administrative appeal of a revisory nature that is resolved by specialized bodies of the Ministry of Finance, Economic-Administrative Courts, or by specialized regional bodies; in the case of Castilla-La Mancha, the Higher Commission of Finance.

The filing of the economic-administrative claim precludes the filing of an appeal for reconsideration. On the other hand, if the interested party chooses to file an appeal for reconsideration, it will not be able to file an economic-administrative claim until the appeal for reconsideration has been expressly resolved or until it can be considered to have been dismissed by administrative silence.

Appealable actssee/hide informationThe economic-administrative claim is an administrative appeal of a review nature that is resolved by specialized bodies of the Ministry of Finance, Economic-Administrative Courts, or by specialized regional bodies; in the case of Castilla-La Mancha, the Higher Commission of Finance.

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