What happens when Amazon damages property?

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Of every dollar spent online in the U.S., 44 cents goes to Amazon. By 2021, the company is projected to reach 50% of all online sales in this country. In every way, the product of its creator, Jeff Bezos, has defied the implicit laws of the established buying and selling environment and paved the way for a way of life that just a few years ago would have sounded like science fiction. “We are our choices,” Jeff Bezos said in his speech at Princeton University in 2010, and the entrepreneur’s choice has always been to anticipate and satisfy consumer needs. At what price?

With nearly $136 million in revenue (€117 million), more than 300 million active customer accounts and a workforce of some 566,000 employees at the end of 2017, Amazon’s story is one of the iconic examples of the Internet era and how a company has managed to completely redefine itself to the point of almost perfecting the art of instant gratification. A lot has changed at Amazon since, in 1995, Jeff Bezos opened his online store to buy books (it was not the first despite the nascent youth of the Internet). Today Amazon sells practically everything, and what it does not produce it markets through third parties; it owns the U.S. supermarket chain Wholefoods, has a technological side through which it offers data storage and web hosting services, a virtual assistant that can control everything from the music you listen to to watering your garden; it has its own on-screen entertainment service and even produces movies.

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| Bezos and Sotheby’s Chairman and CEO Diana Brooks pose in a customized Volkswagen Beetle from the 1999 film “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. Sotheby’s and Amazon had teamed up to launch sothebys.amazon.com, an online auction site that would offer a wide range of objects, including this car. Henny Ray Abrams / AFP / Getty Images

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| Bezos looks on as Microsoft CEO Bill Gates presents a T-shirt as a retirement gift to Clippy, the Microsoft Office assistant, in 2001. Microsoft was launching Office XP. Stan Honda / AFP / Getty Images

| Bezos joins “Transparent” actor Jeffrey Tambor and director Jill Soloway after the Amazon Studios show won Emmy awards in 2016. Todd Williamson / Getty Images for Amazon Studios

| Bezos talks about his Blue Origin reusable rocket system in 2017. Reusable rockets would substantially reduce the cost of spaceflight.Nick Cote / The New York Times / Redux

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It would not be strictly correct to say that no one likes the three glass spheres filled with greenery on what Amazon calls its “campus” in the heart of the city. The Bezos balls, as these greenhouses are known, are inspired by the greenhouses at London’s Kew Botanic Gardens and display walkways over fig trees, ferns and azaleas and offer free-use desks for Amazon workers who want a little break from the neighboring office tower.

However, even those more sympathetic to the country’s largest digital retailer are questioning whether the situation is more “give” than “take.” Amazon has long been criticized for worsening the city’s traffic and crashing the education system, and its highly paid employees have driven up the price of property and other assets.

John Burbank of the Institute for Economic Opportunity said there is a direct correlation between the emergence of high-paying jobs and the number of people forced to live on the streets.

How to Register with the SAT for Digital Platforms

The biggest nightmare of every Amazon seller is to suffer an account suspension.  Amazon can close your store but the vast majority, unfortunately, is not even aware that this can happen, and when they know it is too late to react and take precautions.

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For this reason I will detail the main reasons why Amazon can close your seller account and how to avoid being the next to suffer the tragic consequences. If you prefer the video version, here is Rubén Bastón’s explanation:

In this type of suspension, Amazon usually initially closes you only from selling that ASIN with problems. You will get a notification and they will tell you that if you fix the situation and ensure that this will not happen again, they will let you sell it again. It is very important that you do not ignore this notice and work to resolve the issue.

Most sellers simply ignore the notice, remove the listing and believe that by not selling the product again the issue is solved. Big mistake. It will only be a matter of time before you have a similar issue on more products before this becomes a serious account suspension. This type of suspension also usually leads to the closure of accounts in all countries where you operate, even if the problem is in Amazon.es your account will be closed in UK, DE, IT, FR, USA … all at the same time (and your balance retained).

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