How much compensation will I get for neck and shoulder injury?

Whiplash due to collision

The most representative symptoms of whiplash are the following: neck pain (cervicalgia) radiating to the shoulders and arms, back pain, dizziness, vomiting, paravertebral muscle contracture, headaches or headaches, stiff neck and shoulders, cramps, ringing in the ears, dizziness, decreased strength, tingling in the arms, hands or fingers (paresthesia), etc.. In some cases there may also be psychological symptoms such as irritability, depression or post-traumatic stress.

It is possible that just after suffering the accident and when hot some of these symptoms are not appreciated, however when cooling down the discomfort will begin. Both medically and in order to get a fair compensation it is important that you go to an emergency medical center as soon as possible after the accident.

Normally the treatment to cure a sprain or whiplash consists on the one hand in taking anti-inflammatories, analgesics and/or muscle relaxants, and on the other hand in carrying out rehabilitation in order to recover the muscles of the neck. Some techniques used in rehabilitation are electrotherapy, ultrasound, infrared, massages, etc…

How much do you pay for whiplash?

In sum, the compensation for whiplash usually ranges: About 2,000-2500 euros in a Grade I. Between 2,500 and 5,000 in a Grade II. Up to 10,000 euros in a grade III.

How much is 1 sequel point worth?

Aesthetic sequelae:

It is valued from 1-50 points being the average value of each point of about 1000 euros. In such a way that anyone who due to a traffic accident results with scars, burns, amputations, lameness, etc., in addition to the other concepts, his compensation would be increased by this sequel.

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How many disability points does whiplash have?

A simple cervicalgia, after a cervical sprain, will be valued between 1-5 points in the scale, while a cervical post-traumatic syndrome can reach 8 points.

Compensation for whiplash in a traffic accident

In what case is a cervical sprain compensated according to the Schedule? In view of the above, and the obstacles that the current Schedule places on compensation, it is important to know when we are entitled to receive compensation for whiplash or other whiplash injuries.

Medical protocol to obtain compensation for cervical sprainWith the current Schedule, it is possible to continue receiving compensation for cervical sprain, however, as we have seen, it is important to follow a proper medical protocol.

How much is charged per day of rehabilitation 2021?

If you undergo rehabilitation while on sick leave or incapacitated for your usual duties, the days are computed as moderate personal injury and are paid at €54.78/day in 2021.

How many days whiplash rehabilitation?

When suffering whiplash, the injured person will need to be on sick leave for a period of time, which will depend both on the injury and the patient’s characteristics. This can range from 15 to 90 days of sick leave. Therefore, it is not possible to speak of general times because each case is unique.

How long does whiplash usually last?

Generally, a person who has suffered a whiplash injury will usually be off work for between one and three months. In some cases, there will be several factors that will influence this recovery process and extend the ailment. We are talking about psychological factors, anxiety or stress, among others.

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Schedule for calculating compensation for injuries

We have defended many cases of compensation for fracture of the femur especially in motorcycle accidents or pedestrian hit and run. These compensations must be defended because they take a long time to heal and they can also have after-effects that must be claimed.

There are times, depending on what our job is, that some of these sequels prevent us from carrying out our work or leisure activities, because here the Social Security would have to decide if we are before a Total Permanent Disability.

In your car or motorcycle insurance you have a coverage called LEGAL DEFENSE, which allows you to choose a private lawyer and then your insurance will reimburse your fees. Take advantage of this coverage and hire a professional independent from the insurance companies.

What are considered sequels?

According to the schedule, sequelae are those physical, intellectual, organic and sensory impairments and aesthetic damages derived from an injury that persist after the healing period (medical discharge), i.e. an injury of indefinite duration.

What are sequel points?

This is a table that lists the possible consequences and the compensation to which one is entitled in the event of an accident and its after-effects. The after-effects will be taken into account according to their intensity and seriousness, always looking at it from a physical or functional point of view.

What is discharge with sequelae?

What are sequelae? Those serious anatomical or functional reductions, which can be objectively determined and which are definitive as a result of an occupational accident or an occupational disease. These permanent injuries may or may not disable you from performing your usual work.

Compensation for cervical pain 2021

The vertebrae of the spine are separated by discs that cushion movements and leave space between the vertebrae. They also allow movement of the vertebrae, making it possible to bend or stretch.

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In addition, the vertebrae of the spine protect the spinal cord that comes from the brain and runs down the back to the lumbar region. The discs play a very important role in cushioning and load distribution, and any disc condition can be serious if not treated promptly. Especially if it is found through an MRI that the intervertebral discs are decreased in height, with bulging or displacement.

When the disc is displaced from its place, we usually speak of disc protrusion (foraminal, posteromedial, etc.), whereas when the annulus fibrosus ruptures, we speak of herniations (the most common occur between the L4 L5 and L5 S1 discs). This can produce an excess of pressure on the nearby nerves resulting in pain (see narrowing or diminution of the neuroforamen), numbness or weakening of movements.

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