How do you know if your mechanic is scamming you?

Before traveling: how to know if the mechanic is ripping you off

Once any kind of breakdown happens, we must face the need to repair the car. Most of us mortals do not have the knowledge to do it by ourselves. Then we must go to an “expert” who is supposed to fix what affects the operation of our vehicle.

However, not all the times we will be in the hands of reliable subjects, and we are not in conditions to go around throwing our money everywhere. So it is important that we look at some indicators that could tell us that we are being taken for a ride.

Maybe we have a lifelong mechanic who we trust blindly. However, if we start to notice that visits to the shop for various reasons are becoming more common, or it seems that our car never looks right, we could be getting ripped off.

If we fix the car, of a particular problem and pay for it, we should be certain that once the work is done our car will work. It hardly ever occurs to anyone to ask a neighborhood garage mechanic if we will be given at least a two-week test drive once the car leaves his store.

How do you know if you are a good mechanic?

To know if you are a good mechanic

Once you arrive at the recommended workshop, take a look at the place, it must be clean and tidy; just because they work with oil and grease does not mean that everything must be beaten. The cleanliness of the shop and the mechanic himself say a lot.

Where to report an auto repair shop?

The Spanish Confederation of Repair and Related Workshops (CETRAA) has at its disposal, on its website, a complaint form that allows to provide information, “in a simple and quick way, on any matter considered fraudulent”, such as the existence of an illegal workshop.

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How can I report a mechanic?

Profeco makes available to citizens the Consumer Telephone, 55 68 87 22, in Mexico City and metropolitan area; 01 800 468 8722, toll free in the rest of the country, and the institutional social networks to report any irregularity, through Twitter: @Profeco and Facebook: ProfecoOficial.


Before we begin, it is important to point out that this article does not assume that auto repair shops are scamming their customers. What is being done is to mention the scams that certain negligent mechanics tend to carry out.

All vehicle repairs must be previously authorized by the owner. The mechanic cannot repair on his own motivation “a breakdown” without the express consent of the owner. The driver can ask for explanations regarding any such manipulation. Furthermore, it is not possible to claim payment for a service that the customer has not requested.

Unfortunately there are fraudsters who take advantage of the innocence of customers to argue an “urgency” that has led him to “repair” the car despite the fact that no one has asked him to do so. If this happens to you, refuse to pay and ask for the vehicle to be appraised before moving it.

The emergency light serves as a warning that something in your car is not working properly. This statement is far from meaning that the pilot light on means a serious malfunction. If you meet a so-called mechanic who uses the emergency light as an excuse to give you a very expensive repair, think twice.

How to report an auto repair shop?

In the first place, you can put a complaint form in the workshop and request the celebration of a Consumer Arbitration before the Consumer Department of your locality or Autonomous Community; or file a civil lawsuit (if the customer is self-employed). AA.; or file a civil lawsuit (if the customer is self-employed or a company, you can only claim through the courts).

How much does an auto diagnostic cost?

The price of any diagnostic scan is $250 MXN.

How to deal with a mechanic?

Try to always have the same mechanic take care of your vehicle; if you can get along with the mechanic, it will be much easier to get good work done, sometimes at a lower price. 5. Be polite but firm when dealing with the mechanic. Explain the problem in clear and simple terms.

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Mechanic shop scam

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Once any kind of breakdown is registered, you must face the need to repair the car. Most of the users do not have the necessary knowledge to make the repairs by themselves. Then you must go to an “expert” who is supposed to fix what affects the operation of your vehicle.

However, you will not always be in the hands of reliable people, and you are not in a position to throw your money around. So it is important to be aware of some indicators that could tell you that you are being taken for a ride.

Maybe you have a lifelong mechanic whom you trust blindly. However, if you start to notice that visits to the shop for various reasons are becoming more common, or it seems that your car never looks right, you could be getting ripped off.

How much does an automotive diagnosis cost?

This service has a cost of $399 pesos. The general diagnosis of the car is a total inspection of the car to detect possible damages in the tires, shock absorbers, suspension, brakes, etc.

What to do if you are not satisfied with the workshop invoice?

If you are not satisfied with the repair or the invoice, demand in writing that they provide you with the corresponding complaint form, which the repair shop is obliged to provide you as a consumer. You must fill it out in triplicate and keep a sealed copy after submitting it to the Municipal Consumer Office, which is located in …

What can I do if a garage repairs my car incorrectly?

All auto repair shops are required to have complaint forms, although if they do not, you can make your own written complaint. One way or another, you must take the complaint form to a consumer office, which will assess whether to penalize the garage or reject your claim.

MECHANIC SCAMS ME *** Don’t be fooled.

This does not mean that all of them are like this, but the best thing to do is to always be aware and beware of being scammed. That’s why here are 5 common mechanic scams when it comes to fixing your car.

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This light can be a warning of something serious and costly that needs immediate attention. However, this does not mean that this is always the case, the light can come on for different reasons and not all of them are expensive.

Some of the repairs that cars need, if they are very laborious, complex and can take a long time to repair. However this can be used by a dishonest mechanic to increase hours that they did not work and charge them.

Many times we take the car in for a specific repair and when we go to pick it up it turns out that the mechanic found more faults that he repaired without asking and that increases your bill to pay.

When you receive the estimate of the cost of repairs and parts to be used, it is best to quote the parts yourself. A reliable mechanic may charge you more for parts or use used parts on your car.

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