How do I open a PBA account?

Banco Provincia Savings Account

The Buenos Aires authorities indicated that they are already working to “solve it as soon as possible”. This week more than 300 thousand people are expected to be inoculated with the arrival of the new doses Sputnik V and the Chinese drug Sinopharm.

The Vacunate PBA application of the province of Buenos Aires reported this Wednesday a generalized system crash that made it impossible to access to register or to check if each citizen has an assigned appointment.

“ATTENTION!!! Consult the APP or the WEB page. We are sending thousands of new appointments for the next few days. We continue vaccinating non-stop!”, announced the Minister of Health of the province of Buenos Aires, Daniel Gollán, on Sunday on social networks. This week, 300 new vaccines against the coronavirus are expected to be applied as the second wave of contagions progresses.

How much does a savings account at Banco Provincia cost?

Basic maintenance fee of Caja de Ahorro in pesos: $0.00 per month. Basic maintenance fee for checking account in pesos (individuals-unlimited transactions): $572.00 per month. Credit card monthly account maintenance fee (all versions): $139.00 per month.

How to become bip Banco Provincia without going to the ATM?

Go to > Banca Internet Provincia > Personas > Log in to Banca Internet Provincia, you must log in with your new User Name and Password. If the process was successful, the “CONSOLIDATED POSITION” of your products will be displayed and you will be able to start operating in Internet Banking Province (BIP).

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How to open a free savings account?

What is needed to open a CGU? You only need to have an ID card and not have another bank account. No fees for opening, maintenance, fund movements and balance inquiries at ATMs of different banks and networks in the country.

Banco Provincia Universal Free Account

Any alteration, modification, suppression or reform of this Constitution ordered by a non-constituted power or carried out without respecting the procedures set forth herein, as well as the illegitimate arrogation of functions of one power to the detriment of another, shall be absolutely null and void and the acts deriving therefrom shall be subject to subsequent review.

Article 5.- The Capital of the Province of Buenos Aires is the city of La Plata, and the Legislative Chambers, the Executive Branch and the Supreme Court of Justice shall operate permanently in this city, except in those cases in which, for extraordinary reasons, the law may temporarily provide otherwise.

Article 11.- The inhabitants of the Province are equal before the law and enjoy the rights and guarantees established by the National Constitution, those emanating therefrom through the treaties entered into by the Nation and those expressed in this Constitution.

The Province does not admit distinctions, discriminations or privileges for reasons of sex, race, religion, nationality, language, ideology, opinion, risk diseases, physical characteristics or any other condition protected by constitutional norms.

How much does a savings account cost?

The Peso Savings Banks are free of charge in their opening, maintenance and the provision of a debit card. The use of ATMs and self-service terminals at your bank’s branches and the use of homebanking are also free of charge.

How much can you deposit into my account?

Pixabay. The maximum amount of cash you can deposit or receive in your account will be 15,000 pesos, according to the Miscelánea Fiscal 2021. When the amounts you receive or deposit exceed that limit, banks are required to notify the Tax Administration Service (SAT).

How much does it cost to have a bank account?

It is free of charge because you do not have to pay any fee for having and using this account: there are no costs for opening, maintenance, fund movements or balance inquiries at ATMs of different banks and networks in the country.

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Banco Provincia Salary Account

In this Provincial Directorate, under the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, we register and annotate the titles that constitute, transfer, modify, extinguish or in any other way refer to the domain and other real rights, as well as to the seizures, and those that declare the incapacity or inhibition of persons for the free disposal of their property, in order to give them publicity and produce the effects resulting from the legislation in force.

IMPORTANT: It is hereby informed that as from January 3, 2022 the new special fees for registry services approved by Law 15311 will become effective. On the same date DTR 8/2021 becomes effective.

What is the difference between a savings account and a checking account?

How do I know if an account is a checking or savings account? One of the main differences between a savings account and a checking account is that the latter has a monthly maintenance fee. In other words, if you are a savings account holder, you should not see any charges of any kind reflected in your statement.

How to make the BIP Mobile?

Enter the application store of your cell phone and download BIP Móvil. Enter your BIP user name and password and accept the Terms and Conditions. Done! Start operating.

How to create a BIP Mobile pin?

HOW IS THE MOBILE BEEP PIN MANAGED? You can generate it by going to Banca Internet Provincia (BIP) menu Security / Pin Bip Móvil or from the direct access on the main screen of BIP.


On January 28, 1826, the General Constituent Congress of the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata, by means of a law signed by Manuel de Arroyo y Pinedo, then President of the Congress, established the “Regulations” for the establishment of the National Bank.[6] Shortly after, on February 2, the Bank’s authorities were established.[7] A decade later, in 1836, it was placed under the administration of the Board for the administration of the Mint and the Mint.

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A decade later, in 1836, it was placed under the administration of the Board of Directors of Paper Money and the Mint, also known as the Mint of the Province, and was organized as a mixed entity under state management, with a banking section and a department of banknotes and coinage.

On July 5, 1856, the Banco de la Provincia was allowed to grant loans secured by real estate. Thus, it became the first South American banking institution to grant mortgage loans.

The Board of Directors of Banco Provincia is made up of the president, vice-president, secretary director and directors, all of whom are elected by the provincial Executive Power and with the agreement of the provincial Senate may exercise their functions.

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