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In view of the Files Nos. 7,161 and 7,097 of the Registry of the ENTE NACIONAL REGULADOR DEL GAS (ENARGAS), the provisions of Law Nº 24,076, Decrees Nº 1738 of September 18, 1992, Nº 2731 of December 29, 1993, Nº 1411 of August 18, 1994, Nº 1020 of July 7, 1995 and point 9.4.2. of the Basic Rules of the Distribution License, and

Whereas, the changes in the price of natural gas as from the deregulation established by Decree No. 2731 of December 29, 1993, originated the requests submitted by the Licensees of the Gas Distribution Service through networks, for seasonal adjustment of Tariffs due to variation in the price of gas purchased for the period starting on October 1, 2001.

Point of the Basic Rules of the Distribution License (or License) establishes that the estimated purchase price for the seasonal periods after the one corresponding to the first adjustment shall arise from the weighted average of the prices corresponding to the contracts in force during the period and the estimated purchase price for the projected acquisitions for the same, which are not covered by contracts.

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Como consecuencia de las medidas adoptadas, mencionadas en la Nota 2, el Gobierno Nacional dictó la Ley de Emergencia que, entre otras disposiciones, y específicamente en lo que respecta a los contratos de obras y servicios públicos, dejó sin efecto las cláusulas de reajuste en dólares u otras monedas extranjeras, así como las cláusulas de indexación en base a los índices de precios de otros países y cualquier otro mecanismo de indexación, además de fijar un peso a uno

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Mantenimiento de 52 edificios (41.657 m2 ) y sus áreas anexas, 26 muros blandos (13.382 m2) y 236.305 m2 de áreas abiertas, incluyendo 86.280 m2 de almacenes y 91.100 m2 de caminos y estacionamientos mediante la gestión de 31 servicios contractuales,

Mantenimiento de 52 edificios (41.657 metros cuadrados) y las zonas circundantes, 26 alojamientos de paredes semirígidas (13.382 metros cuadrados) y 236.305 metros cuadrados de zonas al aire libre, incluidos 86 280 metros cuadrados de espacio para almacenamiento, y 91.100 metros cuadrados de caminos y zonas de estacionamiento mediante la gestión de 31 servicios por contrata, entre ellos 11 servicios de mantenimiento de

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In 2006 the then President Vázquez, approved what was called “the trust fund for the capital ticket” weighing on each liter of Gas Oil sold a percentage of 9 percent off, destined precisely to subsidize the cost of the ticket in this urban transport service.

One of the claims that have been heard from different sectors of the country, with respect to this trust, is the inequity it presents for example for rural producers who consume thousands of liters of Gas Oil at harvest time, having to contribute $ 3.48 per liter.

The Fideicomiso del Boleto was created to channel the resources generated under the provisions of Decree No. 347/006 for the reduction of the cost of Gas Oil of the collective transportation companies.

This tax receives monthly the funds collected by ANCAP for the increase in the price of Gas Oil, with the proceeds of which it pays to the passenger transportation companies the corresponding benefit according to the declared fuel consumption and the ceilings defined by the MTOP.

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In this article we will analyze certain practical questions arising from these insurance policies linked to the loan, such as the obligatory nature of such insurance policies, their possible nullity, the additional costs that they may entail for the bank client or how the client can get rid of the insurance policy.

In the event of the borrower’s death, his heirs will be released from the restitution of the loan with respect to the bank. It also has a similar purpose, and therefore we can extend the indications that will be made about life insurance, the insurance against default, which covers those situations in which the borrower will not be able to meet the payment of the installment more or less prolonged, such as illness or unemployment (which is also called payment protection insurance, or PPI).

4. The bank must provide the customer, at least ten days before taking out the mortgage, with information on the conditions and guarantees of the insurance required. With this, the client will be able to search in the market for a policy with the same coverage conditions as the one offered by the bank.

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