What is purpose of a text?

Purpose of literary texts

When distinguishing between the different types of text that exist, many different criteria can be used, which serve different features. One such criterion is that of objectivity versus subjectivity, which gives us two categories: objective texts and subjective texts, respectively.

Subjectivity, on the other hand, implies the opposite case: the appreciation of things from the most intimate part of the being, from the inner self. Personal, individual appraisals can be extremely contrary and even contradictory depending on who expresses them.

Based on what was explained in the previous point, we can affirm that objective texts are those that refer to reality as it is. Their aim is to describe it, explain it or comment on it in such a way that any reader, however different, can take such a text as true, or at least as a faithful description.

“Ah, dear Andrée, how difficult to oppose, even accepting it with entire submission of one’s being, the meticulous order that a woman establishes in her light residence. How guilty to take a little metal cup and put it at the other end of the table, to put it there simply because one has brought one’s English dictionaries and it is on this side, within reach, where they will be. To move that little cup is worth a horrible unexpected red in the middle of an Ozenfant modulation, as if all at once the strings of all the double basses were to break at the same time with the same dreadful chicotazo in the quietest instant of a Mozart symphony.”

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What is the purpose of the text brainly

If you came to this post, it’s because you have an essay to do. In the university environment, essays are a type of work in which the student selects a specific topic to develop expressing his personal position on the matter. In this post we will tell you what the objective of an essay is.

As we told you, essays are works that seek to expose a topic in a rather short amount of pages. The component that distinguishes this type of text is that it admits the taking of a position. That is to say, the author gives his opinion based on bibliographical sources.

In this section you explain, support and expose everything you have researched. It is advisable to use bibliographical sources and cite other authors who take the same position as you. Respect the citation rules suggested by the university. You can use different argumentative strategies and rhetorical resources.

In this part you will take stock of what you have said in the essay. It is a moment of recapitulation that does not bring new topics. It is convenient to highlight the main ideas and emphasize those you want the reader to keep.

What is the purpose of the expository text?

The writing process consists of three stages: planning, drafting and revising. In the rush of everyday life, and due to the amount of information we have to process in our daily lives, as writers we tend to forget about the planning and revision stages, and only concentrate, in a hurry, on the writing stage. That’s why we are afraid to write, because we think that writing only consists of giving free rein to our thoughts and putting them on paper (or screen). Then, as we don’t plan, the text overflows with unconnected ideas that we can’t master in the end. In addition, as we vaguely consider the topic, we want to write all about it, without focusing on the main objective that led us to write about it.

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Once we have figured out the topic, the typology and the target audience, we are ready to write the outline. Although it may seem a tedious task, writing an outline will help us to have a clear ‘map’ of the text, the route to follow. Planning what we will write in the introduction, in each of the development paragraphs and in the conclusions helps us to better delimit the topic, clearly establish the sources that will support our arguments and, above all, eliminate what is not relevant to our objective. Once the outline is ready, once we have planned the text, facing the blank page will no longer be a terrifying matter, because we will have the power over it.

Objective of a sample text

1. Words are the utensils, the writer’s tool. And as in any trade or profession, it is essential to know how to use the tools of the trade, so it is in the art of writing. Our basis, then, is the knowledge of vocabulary. The use of the exact, proper and adequate word is one of the fundamental rules of style. As… Read more →

In our life and in our profession, whatever it may be, there will always be a time when we will have to write.     Writing is to give order and coherence through writing to what we say or think. Therefore, to write is to put on paper what we think or say, but also, to write is to reflect.     Generally, when we put our… Read more →

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