What is a wax filter?

How to reuse depilatory wax

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How is the wax filtered?

To clean it of bacteria, it must be subjected to high temperatures and once it is very hot, it is passed through the strainer, always bearing in mind that not all of them allow more than one use, and that it is not advisable to do so with any of them.

How to clean the wax heater filter?

Take a large cotton ball, soak it in plenty of alcohol and rub the entire outside of the container before it cools. You will see that soon the wax will stick to the cotton. When the cotton ball is dirty, replace it with another one and continue wiping until all the wax sticks.

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How is a wax melter used?

The wax melter is basically an electric pot used to heat cold wax bars until they are completely melted. Its main feature, which differentiates it from an ordinary pot, is that it is able to maintain the right temperature so that it does not re-solidify and does not burn.

How to use depilatory wax

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How to dispose of depilatory wax?

Once the wax in the container melts, pour it into a disposable metal or plastic container. You can’t pour wax down the drain or you risk permanently damaging the pipes. Never put melted wax in a container that could melt when exposed to high temperatures.

Why does wax stick to the skin?

If your skin is taut, the wax will come out more easily. If it is wrinkled, the wax will get trapped in the crevices of the skin and may stick. Pull the wax strips off quickly. If you pull them off slowly, the wax will cool and stick to the skin.

How to clean the epilator?

How to clean the epilator:

Remove the epilating head and remove loose hairs with the brush provided. You can clean the epilating head under running water. After rinsing the epilating head, shake it firmly and dry it with a cloth. Make sure it is completely dry before reattaching it.

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Elastic wax

One of the advantages of this type of wax is that it can be recycled several times without losing its properties, as long as a filter is used to remove the residues before reusing it (use special heaters with a filter).

It is important to heat the wax to the optimum temperature recommended by the manufacturer. In this regard, modern wax melters are equipped with a thermostat that allows the temperature to be regulated precisely. In this way, the wax is always at the correct temperature.

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How to use wax pearls?

– Apply with a trowel a layer of wax of regular thickness in the direction of hair growth, a few seconds later, still warm, pull in the opposite direction of hair growth. It is important not to let it cool completely.

How do you remove candle wax?

Apply cold with a bag filled with ice – keep it for about 15 minutes – but do not drip water. When the wax is frozen, remove it very carefully without barely touching the wood -you can help yourself with a plastic similar to a credit card-. When you are done, you can clean the wood as you usually do.

How to prepare the skin before waxing?

The skin must be very dry. Therefore, do not apply creams before waxing because the wax, whether hot or cold strip wax, will not adhere properly. Exfoliating the skin a day or two before is an excellent preliminary step that will help you achieve better results.

Arcametal wax melter

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