What are subsidies incentives?

Subsidies Extremadura 2021

If the contract is formalized with a young person, who fulfilling the requirements to formalize this type of contract, had been dismissed from the declaration of the state of alarm, under Royal Decree 463/2020, of March 14, due to force majeure or economic, technical, organizational and production causes, provided for in Articles 51 and 52.c) of the revised text of the Statute of Workers, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 2/2015, the amount of the subsidy will be 5,000€.

In the case of part-time hiring, the amount will be reduced proportionally according to the established working day, taking into account that, in any case, the working day may not be less than 62.5% of the full-time working day of a comparable worker.

Program co-financed in a maximum percentage of 100% by the Recovery Assistance for Cohesion and Territories of Europe (REACT-EU), through the ESF Regional Operational Program, within the 2014-2020 programming period.

Aid for the self-employed Extremadura 2022

Financial subsidiesAn approval procedure costs money. It is possible that the costs can be paid in whole or in part by means of a financial subsidy. Qualifications can also be financed.

As a rule, only persons living in Germany are eligible for a subsidy. There are grants for unemployed people or job seekers, as well as for people who are working but cannot afford to pay for the qualification. There is also another possibility: Your employer may bear the costs of the recognition procedure. Talk to your employer about this.

There are some organizations that also cover other costs, e.g. for compensatory measures or adaptation qualifications and learning materials. They will inform you about the subsidy in your specific case.

Are you registered as unemployed or looking for a job in Germany? In this case, the employment agency or job center may cover the costs of the accreditation and possible qualifications.

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Entrepreneurs help

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Any entity, whether natural or legal person, with entirely private capital, covered by any of the Social Security regimes, that formalizes new labor contracts of the type foreseen in the regulatory bases, or presents, at the time of the Application, a hiring commitment in accordance with the provisions of the same. For these purposes, self-employed workers who meet the requirements of Law 20/2007, of July 11, 2007, on the Statute of Self-Employment will be considered as natural persons.Modalities of hiring to be subsidized:Any type of employment contract is valid, with the exception of training and apprenticeship and internship contracts.

Aid for ICT Extremadura

b) Tourist establishments and complementary facilities of leisure that, respecting the sectorial criteria established by the competent organisms, possess innovative character especially with regard to the environmental improvements and that improve significantly the endogenous potential of the zone.

The sectors excluded will be those not mentioned in the previous paragraph.Main project requirementsCreation of new establishments, expansion and modernization, provided that they respond to a balanced composition between the different investment concepts according to the activity and the investment is higher than the minimum of 900,000 euros.

-Expansion projects are investments that involve the development of an already established activity or the initiation of others. In the case of developing an already established activity, related or not to the one developed by the holder, the project must imply a significant increase in the productive capacity. Likewise, expansion projects must generate new jobs and the maintenance of existing jobs and exceed a certain percentage of the depreciation allowance of the establishment.

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