Is the mobility device for the blind?

The visually impaired will have auditory support in the classroom.

Whether or not computers are used to digitally capture the writing on the traditional blackboard, videoconferencing software is also available to bring the multimedia content increasingly used by teachers in their classes and to enable people with low vision to follow the explanations in real time from their personal computers. Using TeamViewer, Skype and other software, images and files can be sent to the computers of students with low vision so that they can enlarge them and follow the explanations in real time.

Apple has numerous training modules on Creating Inclusive Educational Environments through iOS and OS X at

These include text to Braille and Braille to text converters, as well as music editors and programs that allow you to create audio files from written text. They are available in local and online versions. Quick Braille transcribes texts into Braille format, for example. Lecto Text generates voice files in Daisy, MP3 or WAV format. Duxbury’s Megadots performs Braille transcriptions in several languages, with support for mathematics (Nemeth code). Blat/Talp and the CAE converter.

GPS to guide the blind is born

We should also reflect on what can be offered to citizens who lack sight, exposed to dangers such as holes, potholes, open sewers, crossed wires, not to mention all the activities that we take as harmless and for this population may be of greater risk, such as open house gates, badly cut trees, low awnings, cars badly parked on the sidewalks, sidewalks obstructed by objects, lack of road culture.

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What we intend is to highlight the most meritorious about each of these visually impaired, what the development of their independence and mobility achieved in their lives and therefore in the lives of so many people and provide the necessary references to investigate for yourself in the information you deem appropriate, here are some examples.

Talking about the mobility of a blind person does not imply that they lack the ability to move around, develop their mobility or be included in a society that has been built for people who see. It assumes that they lack an important sense that must be supplied by someone who sees, by a guide, which brings us back to the issue of the lack of culture due to disability.

Apps that make life easier for blind people

A group of 13 researchers (including doctors, engineers and psychologists) from the Complutense University of Madrid have developed a sensor that will facilitate the movements of blind people, as reported in the newspaper ‘El País’.

It consists of sunglasses and a tactile stimulator of about 200 grams, similar to a pack of cigarettes. In the middle of the glasses is a microcamera with a chip. This transmits the images to the stimulator, which is covered with small balls that rise in coordination, producing a relief that, on the palm of the hand, emulates the silhouettes captured by the recorder.

Blind peopleIn SID we suggest using the word or expression Blind people instead. can recognize objects eight to 10 meters away and 40% feel that they see when they receive the tactile stimulus while 100% (including a group of 10 sighted people) recognize objects through the device.

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Accompaniment and strategies for blind students.

Inspired by autonomous cars, Camu has created Theia, a portable device that replicates the functions of a guide dog. It will program routes to reach the destinations selected by the user and avoid accidents along the way.

Although we had never thought of a device that works as an autonomous car to guide someone while walking, it seems quite feasible. However, what is really impressive is how Theia communicates with the user.

Using a force feedback method (CMG) that makes use of a gyroscope and is already present in satellites and space vehicles, the device will move the user’s hand as if it were a guide dog when on a leash. In this way, the visually impaired person will feel changes in speed, direction, vibration and even that typical sensation of dragging.

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