Are bernafon hearing aids any good?


That’s why it’s very important that your hearing instruments can adapt quickly to changes in the sound environment around you. If they are too slow, you will have to wait for them to “get used to it” before they really get the best sound they should give you.

Good sound fidelity makes it much easier for your brain to separate sounds from each other and understand what people are saying. And above all, higher fidelity sound gives you a greater sense that you are there, really and completely.


The needs of each person are essential when choosing a Bernafon hearing solution. In addition, lifestyle will also be an important variable since, depending on this, the user will need more or less advanced technology to choose a hearing aid.

Each of the hearing aid brands provides hearing aids in several different ranges, varying according to the innovations and technologies needed. The same model of hearing aid could be obtained in several price ranges, varying according to the features incorporated in the hearing aid.

Alpha bernafon

Initially VIRON hearing systems were launched in the higher product ranges, but they have gradually evolved until now, a few weeks ago, they appeared in all Bernafon product ranges. This means that purchasing a rechargeable hearing aid no longer means having to opt only for the higher priced product ranges. This is good news because we now have purely rechargeable hearing aids with lithium ion batteries in absolutely all price ranges.

Our experience with this hearing aid is exceptional. Taking as an example a patient who used the old rechargeable system and now uses VIRON, while the previous one did not last the whole day with one charge (after 10 hours it would turn off), with the rechargeable VIRON he uses it an average of 16 hours a day and never runs out of charge (even on days when he has used it for more hours). And in terms of hearing he says that his understanding is much better with the new VIRON than with the previous Zerena with Z-Power and he feels more comfortable and the sound he says he “likes better”.

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Viron bernafon

Trusting a good hearing aid brand is no easy task. Neither is finding the perfect hearing aid for your hearing problem. It takes time, since the decision to buy hearing aids is not a hasty one. But working to make the task of finding the best brand of hearing aids more bearable, we have compiled as much information as possible about the different brands of digital, invisible and battery-free hearing aids. Among them, you will find the hearing aid that best suits your type of hearing loss.

These are the best brands of digital hearing aids for the deaf that you need to know about. Each of them promise to fit the type of hearing loss diagnosed by an ENT or other hearing professional:

For Starkey hearing aid prices like the different models and opinions on how they work, we recommend you visit any of our hearing centers. It is here that we will help you choose the right type of hearing aid for your hearing loss.

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