How long do tenants have to move out after house is sold?

Legal deadline for delivery of sold house mexico

Anonymous31 March 2011, 15:54Real estate agents, in general, have the same knowledge in law that I have in aeronautical engineering, that is to say, null, if you are not a lawyer, they pretend to be knowledgeable and even give the impression.

Anonymous30 March 2011, 13:54Perfectly you can agree an eviction term if your buyer agrees, so that you deed before a notary but in the deeds will appear the agreed term and the maximum date of delivery of keys, it is very common. In fact, the term is usually even longer if the owner has to buy another house or renovate the one he has purchased.

OSKAR17 May 2021, 21:29YES OF COURSE! i will pay you the money in cash at the notary’s office and you will stay in my property until you get what you really want, that will be according to my personal interests and if you accept what i have explained to you it is very clear … in my house i am in charge.

Anonymous31 March 2011, 12:32If you were buying through a real estate agent you would not have to ask these questions, as they are qualified professionals to resolve any doubts and solve all problems in accordance with current legislation.

How long do I have to vacate the property after it is sold?

Time to vacate the property

As a general rule, the time in which a tenant must vacate a property is three (3) months from the date on which the landlord notifies the tenant of its decision to terminate the lease.

How long can I take the tenant to leave?

Sale is one of the grounds for termination of the lease by the lessor. Notice must be given not less than three months in advance through the mail of the authorized postal service. Similarly, the time a tenant has to vacate a property is three months from the date of notice.

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When can a rented house be sold?

One of the most frequent doubts of those who have a rented house is if they can sell it while the lease contract is in force. And the answer is yes, since there is no legal limitation that prevents it.

What should be left in a house when it is sold?

However, if you need a few extra days to make the move, you can try to make a pact with your buyer but, this person would have every right to refuse and want to get into his new house as soon as possible.

This pact can be included in the earnest money contract or in the title deed of the property, through a clause that specifies that the seller will stay a few extra days in the house, setting a maximum eviction period.

However, by mutual agreement, a clause could be included in the earnest money contract or in the deed indicating a later date for taking possession. This is so that the seller has a few extra days to move out.

It is advisable that you consult with an expert in the real estate sector in your area. He/she will be able to tell you what is the current legislation in your country and how you can proceed to solve the problem.

Hello good, my case is similar, today after the sale of the house and without previous notification, I found out that the house is still with all the furniture, as I have the keys and no extra time has been agreed in any document for the removal…am I de facto owner of the furniture?

What happens when a tenant has been a tenant for more than 10 years?

Although a tenant has possession of a house when he rents it, this does not imply that he has the property and can do with it as he pleases. … So you should stop worrying because a tenant cannot keep the rental property. Even if he rents it for 10, 15 or 20 continuous years.

What happens if I remove a tenant’s things?

In case of eviction of tenants, in special cases and whether force is used or not, if any damage occurs to the material goods of the evicted, the landlord shall be liable to compensate the affected parties for the amount of money determined by an appraisal, as well as for the damages caused by the evicted parties.

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What to do when the landlord asks for the property?

When the landlord decides to ask the tenant for the leased property, the ideal is to do so in writing, which will serve as a notice of non-renewal or termination of the lease. This notice will indicate the reason for the termination of the lease and the time period in which the tenant must surrender the property.


The owner or operator of the mobile home park (henceforth, “the park”) must have good cause to evict you. The park cannot evict you just because your lease is expiring. But, the park can increase the rent at the end of the lease as long as the increase is not excessive and is not intended to cause you to leave the park.

Before an eviction case can begin, the park must give you notice that it wants to terminate the lease and wants you to move out. This notice is called a claim of possession.

If you change your e-mail address, you must tell the park about your new e-mail address in writing, or follow the process listed above for your new e-mail address.

The time it gives you notice to move depends on the reason the park wants to terminate your lease. In general, the park should give you the complaint at least 30 days before filing an eviction case in court.

What rights do I have as a tenant?

Rights that the lessee has in Colombia. … Right not to be disturbed in the enjoyment of the property. Right to the payment of non-local repairs. Right to the payment of legal and contractual indemnities.

What happens if a leased house is sold?

The sale of the leased property is not a cause that the law considers for the termination of the lease, but it can be a contractual cause. It means that the termination of the lease for sale of the leased property is subject to the terms of the lease.

How to sell a house with tenants?

By law, in order for the property to be sold, the landlord is required to announce to the tenant that he wishes to sell the property. The tenant may purchase the property provided that he pays the price that the third party buyer was willing to pay to the landlord.

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Legal term to deliver a dwelling

But it must be taken into account that the lease contract may include the famous right of first refusal by the tenant. This right would mark the whole sale and purchase process, since it obliges the owner to communicate to the tenant his plans to transfer the property in which he resides and gives him preference to buy it with respect to the other interested parties.

In fact, it is vital that this step is complied with, since, insist Foro Consultores, “if the owner does not act in good faith and sells the property without communicating it, and the contract includes the right of withdrawal, the tenant can acquire the property for the same price and annul the previous sale and purchase, with all that this entails”.

And what happens if the tenant wants to stay in the property, but is not interested in buying it? In that case, emphasizes the vice-president of Alfa Inmobiliaria, the owner can freely sell the property and “the rental contract will be subrogated to the new owner until the contract reaches its agreed end”.

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