Do I have to give my wife money if we are separated?

If I get divorced, I have to pay alimony to my wife.

At the time the marital partnership is dissolved, the credit payment conditions will be subject to the divorce agreement signed before the judge, the document must state the agreement established by the interested parties. Neither Infonavit nor Fovissste intervene.

In the event of divorce or breakup with the party with whom you have obtained the loan, you must understand that the property is mortgaged in favor of Fovissste and that the contract establishes the proportional part that corresponds to each of the borrowers, therefore, in the event of non-payment, only a judicial instance in the matter could request Fovissste to modify the obligations and rights.

In case of divorce, it depends on the regime in which they are: if they have a joint marriage, then each one gets 50% of the property at the time of the sale, if it is a separate property, the total is prorated and each one pays its proportional part. In the event of the death of one of the parties, the deceased’s share is condoned, but the other party must finish paying the contracted amount.

What is the wife’s right in a 2020 divorce?

Mexico’s Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) determined that, in any divorce, the spouse who has dedicated him/herself to housework and childcare must be compensated with up to 50% of the assets acquired during the marriage.

What happens if I get divorced and I am married in separate property?

If a spouse has assets before marriage, they are separate property. … Neither she nor her husband fixes up the house during the marriage. If she increases the value of the house, the increase is separate property). In general, spouses are left with their separate property in a divorce case.

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What happens if I get divorced and I am paying for the house?

The credit situation does not change at all with a divorce. The contract agreements remain in place unless the judge issues an order to change them and determines who will continue to pay and who will own the property when it is paid off.

My house can be taken away from me if I get divorced

Yes, the married couple with separation of property can also opt for the extinction of condominium so that one of them keeps 100% of the ownership of the house, in exchange for financially compensating his ex-partner for the part of the house that corresponds to him.

In order to know the value of the apartment, generally, an appraisal of the house is made. This way we can know its market price and the amount of compensation that corresponds, in case one of the parties decides to keep the house. In the event that the liquidation is being carried out by a court-appointed appraiser, the appraiser will ask for a valuation of the property in order to draw up the inventory and distribute the assets.

If the house was bought by both members of the common-law couple, we are talking about a situation of co-ownership, in the terms established in the deed. In this sense, the couple has two options:

In addition, if the auction is authorized, but previously the judge attributed the use to one of the spouses and this condition is maintained, the person who buys the house at auction will not be able to inhabit it for the duration of the right of use.

What are a woman’s rights when she separates?

Today it is known as “spousal maintenance”, to which the wife is entitled. It applies in the event that her spouse has significantly higher income compared to hers. Also if she needs time to recover financially after covering the expenses of the divorce.

What if I am married and living with someone else?

The legal effects or consequences of cohabitation are: Right to alimony. Inheritance rights. Presumption of paternity of the cohabitant with respect to the children of the cohabitant.

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What are the advantages of marrying in separate property?

One of the main advantages of separate property is with respect to debts. If one of the

What is the woman’s right in a divorce 2021

What are the causes that can lead to separation or divorce?      – Adultery.      – When one of the spouses makes an attempt against the life of the other.      – When one of the spouses wants to force the other to commit a crime.      – The serious insults (insults, physical, psychological abuse, etc.).      – The voluntary and malicious abandonment.

What happens with the goods? What are the own goods and the community property? The own goods are those that each spouse owns before getting married and the community property are those that were acquired during the marriage. Own property is not included in the liquidation of the marital property (which is composed only of community property).

How is the marital property divided and liquidated? The marital property is sold and the resulting money is divided between the spouses, unless the parties agree to divide the property without liquidating it.

What happens to the “conjugal home” when there is separation or divorce? After the sentence of personal separation or divorce, the spouse who remained in occupation of the property may request the judge that the property not be liquidated, if it causes serious damage, provided that the applicant had not given cause for the separation or divorce.

What does it mean to be married by separate property?

The separation of property regime is that in which the spouses retain the ownership and administration of the property belonging to them respectively, as well as all the fruits and accessions of such property.

What are the assets that are divided in a divorce?

Dividing the value of real property

If your real estate is worth more than what you have left to pay, it is an asset. If you owe more than your real property is worth, it is a debt. Regardless of whether the real property is an asset or a debt, the judge will divide the value of the property in your divorce.

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Who gets the house after a divorce?

In the absence of an agreement of the spouses approved by the Judge, the use of the family dwelling and of the objects of ordinary use therein corresponds to the children and to the spouse in whose company they remain.

If I am in the process of divorce, can I have another spouse?

Community property also includes all income that either spouse or domestic partner (or both) earned during the marriage and anything that was purchased with that income. You can generally tell if an asset is community property by determining the source of the money that was used to purchase it. If the money to make the purchase was earned during the marriage or domestic partnership, the property belongs to the community.

Community property includes all financial obligations (debts) accrued during your marriage or domestic partnership. This is true even if the debt was incurred by only 1 person, or even if the credit card was in the name of only 1 spouse or domestic partner.

You may have more community property than you realize. For example, you may not know that if your spouse or domestic partner has a pension plan, you are entitled to some of the money in that plan if any of the money was earned during your marriage or domestic partnership. You may also have more community debt than you realize. Your spouse or domestic partner may have acquired debt on your behalf without your knowledge. If the debt was incurred during the marriage or domestic partnership, it also belongs to you.

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